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Aspects of Lotherton Hall

Cove, Anne (b. 1940), 2000, Textile, pen, ink, acrylic and watercolour 109.5 x 132

Anne Cove is a prolific textile artist who lives near Lotherton Hall and has drawn inspiration from the house, its gardens and its estate.  This wall hanging is a precise yet evocative portrait of the place and has already become a historical document since in some aspects Lotherton has changed since it was made.  The central panel shows the house from the gardens to the south-east, while the fifteen smaller panels around the edge depict the stable block, the art collections, the garden sculpture, trees and shrubs in the gardens and birds from the Bird Garden.  The inner border is taken from the mosaic floor of the Outer Hall and the outer border from the plaster frieze in the Drawing Room.It was bought with the aid of the LAF in 2003.