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Trunky Wild Hedgerow Vase

Malone, Kate (b. 1959), 2005, Ceramic; crystalline glazed stoneware, 33 x 27 x 23

Kate Malone is one of Britain's leading ceramic artists.  She was born in London and studied at Bristol Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art.  After graduating, she set up a studio in London and used her own home to display her work.  She is known for her use of colour glazes and vases based on natural forms.  The vase is an exquisite example of work that she produced during a residency at the arts and crafts house, Blackwell, in Cumbria.  In this piece she uses cage-work techniques to make an intricate lattice of hedgerow plants arouond the vase.   Many of her pots are made in the form of vessels but this is not intended as their prime functiion - Malone descibes hereself as 'a maker of decorative objects' (British Council Art Collection).  The muted colours of the work in a unique crystalline glaze reflect the decoration of the house.   The vase was bought with the aid of the LACF in 2006.