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Head of a Man

Rouault, Georges (1871-1958), 1926, Aquatint 577 x 43.7

<p align="JUSTIFY">  <p align="JUSTIFY"><span lang="EN-AU">A French painter and graphic artist, who had already completed his apprenticeship in a stained- glass workshop before entering the École des Beaux Arts in 1891. His paintings, with strong outlines and vivid colours reflected his work as designer of stained glass. Rouault was a prolific painter, producing paintings of the outcasts of society which expressed his hatred of cruelty and vice but which were disturbing to the public. Rouault was also the illustrator of numerous books. The acquatint <i>Head of a Man</i>, dated 1926, was bought by the LACF in 1948. It was executed as one of the illustrations for two books that were to be written. The project was begun in 1916 but was never completed. For this work, Rouault used a special process, first making a study in gouache which was then transferred photographically to a copper plate which was then worked the artist using acquatint, drypoint and direct biting with acid. [Leeds Art Calendar, Summer 1948, p.2]</span>