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Extracts from Landscape III

Loker, John (b. 1938), 1975, Pencil drawing with acrylic 30.5 x 50.5

<p align="JUSTIFY"><span lang="EN-AU">Born in Leeds, John Loker studied Graphic Design at Bradford College of Art and Design from 1954-8, (where he was a contemporary of David Hockney, and painting at the Royal College of Art from 1960-63. There are three of his works in the collection of the Leeds Art Fund. <i>Extracts from Landscape III</i>, a pencil drawing with acrylic, dated 1975, was bought in that year by the LACF. <i>Three Horizons</i>, an etching dated 1974 was also bought by the LACF in 1975. <i>Four Extracts IV</i>, dated 1977, was bought in 1979, the same year in which Loker’s work became represented in the Tate Gallery. Loker has exhibited widely in the UK, in Europe and in Sydney, Australia. He now lives and works in Norfolk.</span>