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Kramer, Jacob (1892-1962), c. 1917, Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 71

<p align="JUSTIFY"><span lang="EN-AU">Jacob Kramer </span> <p align="JUSTIFY"><font size="4">(1892-1962)</font> <p align="JUSTIFY">  <p align="JUSTIFY">  <p align="JUSTIFY">  <p align="JUSTIFY"><font size="4">Born in the Ukraine to Jewish parents who came to England in 1900, Jacob Kramer attended the Leeds School of Art and studied at the Slade School in London in 1912. In March 1915, Kramer accepted an invitation to exhibit as an independent artist at the first (and only) Vorticist exhibition. He was not a member of the Vorticist group, although he applied their semi-abstract style to Jewish subjects. Kramer became a significant figure in Leeds, painting portraits of many local businessmen</font><font size="4">and professional people. He became president of the Leeds Fine Art Club in1959. After his death, Leeds Branch College, where Kramer had taught, was renamed as Jacob Kramer College.  <i>Ruhala</i>, c. 1917,was bought with the aid of a bequest through LACF in 1999.Two other paintings were  also bought in 1999. <i>The Talmudists</i>, c. 1919, was bought with the help of an anonymous donation through LACF and <i>Rite of Spring</i>, 1920, a painting inspired by Stravinski’s ballet music, was also bought by the LACF in that year.</font> <font size="4"><span style="display: none;"> </span></font>