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The Beach Runswick Bay

Hess, Florence Adelina (1891-1974), Not known, Oil on canvas 63.5 x 76.2 cm.

Born in Leeds, Florence Hess first studied at the Leeds School of Art.  Later she became a pupil and friend of Mark Senior, a prominent artist within the Staithes group of artists, and was influenced by his style of painting.  She was also a member of th Fylingdales Group, which was formed in 1925 and met in Robin Hood's Bay.  The <em>The Beach Runswick Bay</em> reflects the influence of these groups upon her work but her interest also extended to the work of other artists.  In 1928 she visited St. Ives at a time when Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson were there.  During her time at St. Ives she became fascinated by the work of Alfred Wallis and made a painting showing small boats in a harbour with a light house but with a lack of perspective similar in style to that of Wallis.  Hess was a well-respected artist who exhibited her work at the Royal Academy, the New English Art Club, the Women's International Art Club and the Yorkshire Union of Artists.  This painting was bouoght by the LACF in 1925.