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Valley of the Washburn

Turner, J.M.W. (1775-1851), c.1818, Valley of the Washburn: watercolour with bodycolour on buff paper

One of many views of the landscape of the Lower Wharfe Valley painted  by Turner for Walter Fawkes of Farnley Hall. It shows the view to the south from the Washburn valley, looking towards Caley Park , with Wharfedale in the distance.    Caley Park was at that time part of the Farnley Hall, estate whereTurner was a regular visitor between 1808 and 1824.  These were social visits;  Turner  greatly enjoyed  the country pursuits of shooting and fishing and was regarded  almost as a member of the Fawkes family.   In April 1919, Walter Fawkes opened the rooms of his house in Grosvenor Place, London to the public.  Turner's watercolours constituted by far the greatest part of the exhibition.  Fawkes dedicated  the exhibition catalogue to Turner, writing that he did so as 'an Offering of Friendship'. Turner never returned to Farnley Hall  after the death of his patron and great friend Walter Fawkes.  The picture was bought with the aid of a contribution from the LACF in 1997.