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Dalwood, Hubert, 1958, Sculpture, aluminium, 144 x 76 x 23

Born in Bristol, Dalwood served an engineering apprenticeship at  the Bristol Aeroplane Company from 1940-44, after which he served for two years in the Royal Navy.  After the war he studied at Bath Academy of Art and in 1951 was awarded an Italian Government Scholarship.  In Italy, he worked in a bronze foundry in Milan before returning to England and becoming a teacher at Newport School of Art.  He was awarded the Gregory Fellowship in Sculpture at the University of Leeds (1955-59) and in 1962 his work was chosen for display at the Venice Biennale.  From 1974 until his death in 1976 Dalwood was Head of Sculpture at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London.  Two aluminium sculptures,<em> Icon</em> (1958) and <em>Object:  Open Square</em> (1959), were bought  by the LACF in 1960.