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Location Piece

Morris, Robert b. 1931, 1973, Sculpture relief in lead and aluminium 53.5 x 53.5

<div> </div> <div>Robert Morris was born in Kansas City, Missouri.  He studied engineering at the University of Kansas from 1948-50 and then art at the Kansas City Art Institute.  From 1950-51, Morris served in the United States Army.  Later he studied in California and in about 1960 moved to New York City, where he studied for a Masters degree in art history and began to create sculpture in the form of small-scale lead reliefs.  Before he became a sculptor, Morris’s interests had included Abstract Expressionism, performance and dance, Minimalism, art criticism and art theory.   In 1971 Morris designed an exhibition for the Tate Gallery, London,  in which the whole of the central sculpture gallery was filled  with ramps and cubes.  Morris’s Location Piece, dated 1973, was bought with the aid of a contribution from the LACF in 1975.</div> <div> </div>