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Untitled Textile Hanging

Kramer, Jacob, Not known, textile hanging (canvas) 2370 cm x 1630 cm

The canvas seems to hover between the figurative and the abstract.  It may have been commissioned by Edward Standish and perhaps formed part of a decorative scheme for his London house.  It has echoes of the Omega Workshop, of which Kramer would have been aware although he was not directly associated with it.  The received view of Jacob Kramer is of a provincial Jewish <span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">émigré ‘expressionist’ figurative painter, but his interest in and contribution to abstraction was significant. He wrote for Wyndham Lewis’ <em>Blast</em>, corresponded with Herbert Read and came under the influence of Kandinsky.  In this vein his <em>Abstract Composition</em>, c. 1917, <em>The Rite of Spring</em>, c. 1920 and an unexecuted design for <em>Mining</em> for Leeds Town Hall are all in Leeds Art Gallery’s collection, together with some seventy other works.  Jacob Kramer is in many ways Leeds’ ‘Modernist’ artist, formed by the thinking of Alfred Orage’s Leeds Art Club and the contemporary of artists such as Bomberg, Gertler, Meninsky, Nevinson and William Roberts.  </span> <div>The hanging was bought in 2014 with the aid of grants from the LAF and   from  the Leeds Art Fund Patrons through Deborah Davis.</div> <div> </div>